Discover an exceptional opportunity to acquire a large plot of land with immense development potential, close to the centre of Flacq Post Office and within easy reach of the Prince Maurice Hotel. With a surface area of 25259 m2 (6 acres), this property offers a multitude of possibilities for investors and developers who wish to exploit its full potential.
Located in the highly sought after East Coast area, this land is strategically positioned, offering excellent connectivity to major transport infrastructure and urban amenities. The proximity to the beaches enhances the appeal of this valuable land.
With a growing demand for housing, this land offers an attractive opportunity for residential development. Its size allows for the creation of an exclusive residential development, offering a peaceful and harmonious living environment. Residents will enjoy a quiet environment, close access to the sea and the opportunity to build their dream home.
Investors have the freedom to explore various development options, whether it is a combination of residential and commercial projects or a space designed to meet specific needs. This flexibility allows any vision to be brought to life, making it an unparalleled investment opportunity.
With the region experiencing continued economic growth and development, acquiring this land today ensures participation in the region’s promising future. As a smart investor, take advantage of rising property values and the upward trajectory of the eastern real estate market.