Gorgeous Penthouse with Sea views

La Preneuse, West

Ref: MRL2182





Building Size

155 m2



About this property

Tailored for families and circles of companions, this exceptional penthouse resides within the embrace of a secure residential expanse nestled in the picturesque village of La Preneuse. This village is renowned for its sun-kissed climate, adding a touch of perpetual warmth to everyday living.

The penthouse exudes an air of luxury and is adorned with thoughtfully curated features that cater to a life well-lived. Three ensuite bedrooms, each adorned with air conditioning to ensure comfort, stand as private sanctuaries. The indulgence continues with a walk-in closet that adds an element of sophistication to your abode.

An American kitchen, modern and well-equipped, is a canvas for culinary exploration. It seamlessly flows into the expansive living and dining area, creating a haven for gatherings and cherished moments. The convenience of a dedicated laundry room further elevates your daily living experience.

Beyond the confines of the penthouse, a realm of additional features awaits. An entertainment area beckons, promising evenings filled with laughter and joy. A generator ensures uninterrupted comfort, while access to good municipal water guarantees peace of mind. For those with furry companions, the delight of pets is warmly welcomed.

Parking is not a concern here, with two secured parking spaces ensuring the safety of your vehicles. Embrace sustainable living with a solar water heater that aligns with modern environmental sensibilities. A kiosk and yard offer spaces for relaxation and leisure, while a communal pool invites you to indulge in leisurely dips and social interactions.

Seize the chance to claim ownership of this penthouse, a coveted gem that epitomizes the essence of luxurious living. It's an opportunity to craft a lifestyle that resonates with your aspirations, a canvas upon which you can paint moments of joy, laughter, and camaraderie.

This penthouse isn't just a property; it's a gateway to a world where elegance meets functionality, where tranquility merges with convenience, and where every corner is a testament to the art of living. The invitation stands – come and make this penthouse your own, and elevate your life to new heights.

A golden opportunity awaits; become the proud owner of this splendid penthouse and embrace a lifestyle that's more than a dream – it's a reality waiting to be embraced.


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EUR 625,000

Indicative Price: MUR 31,909,375

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